Playing Boris Johnson: My year pretending to be journalist

As I stood on the stage of Wembley Arena last week, impersonating Boris Johnson in rehearsals for the BBC EU referendum debate, it struck me just how many unexpected experiences I’ve had during my year as a trainee Broadcast Journalist. Here I was under the hot studio lights, on a massive Starship Enterprise-style set, being cross-examined by the real David Dimbleby with the Head of BBC News James Harding sat in the front row looking on intently.

As the rehearsal ended and the stand-in debaters were ordered off the stage, a sound man approached me to help remove my head-set mic. As he did, he winked and whispered: “So, you’ll be the next Prime Minister, then?” I laughed and quickly replied. “Oh no. I just want to be a journalist.” Because unlike the sound man, I wasn’t being paid for my BoJo impression. I was on placement. Continue reading


Jo Cox’s murder made me think of my MP

Like many up and down the country, I have been shocked and upset by the senseless murder of Jo Cox; a promising, young MP trying her best to serve her local community and do good for people here and aboard.

On a long train journey back to London today, as I listened – teary eyed – to live radio coverage of a vigil for the Labour MP, I began to think of my own local Member of Parliament.

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