Kit skydiving - August 2015

Leap of faith: Why I’m quitting my job in PR to train as a journalist

Last week I jumped out of an aeroplane at 12,000 feet. I also quit my cushty full-time job in PR to go back to uni to train as a broadcast journalist. I’m still trying to work out which was the biggest leap of faith.

Sure, jumping out of a plane was pretty bloody scary! But as I looked out of the window of the small, cramped propeller plane as it banked heavily to climb from 0ft to 12,000ft whist remaining over a tiny airfield, I began to wonder whether it was really much worse than plucking up the courage to ask my boss for that ‘private chat’. 

There was no doubt that free-falling through the sky at 120mph for 50 seconds before the parachute kicked in would be stomach churning. But at least it would be over quickly. A career change is an entirely different proposition. Made even harder when you’re not quitting to go to another job but to go back to school.  Continue reading