Election 2015: How I bagged personal visits from my local candidates using Twitter

How one election leaflet, a diary mess-up and a tweet led to my local Tory and Labour candidates jostling for the chance to pop over to my place for a chat.


The mediocrity of this year’s General Election campaign was brought into sharp focus by #Milifandom (above). The extent of the coverage it received just shows how desperate the media were to inject some excitement and scandal into a thoroughly uninspiring and stage-managed campaign. Maybe it was because of this, and the relentless monotony of commuting to an office job in London, that meant I didn’t quite wake up to the fact we were about to pick the next UK Government until last week! Last Wednesday (29 April), to be precise.

The exact moment was at 7.20am, as I was making my usual fast-paced dash to the station for the morning cattle train to the capital, when an older gent wearing a bright red rosette thrust a Labour leaflet into my hand. If I could go back now I would kiss that party activist on the forehead because that leaflet started a series of events that roused me from my commuter-stupor and awakened my inner politics geek, which I can only presume had been in hibernation since I picked up my BA Politics in 2012.

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Polling card

No time for pleasantries, there’s an election on!

For as long as I can remember, I have been banging on about starting a blog but have never quite mustered the energy, determination or self-indulgence to get it from brain fart to cyberspace. Well, here it is, my long-awaited brain fart on the interweb in sparkly technicolour!

I’m 24 and currently working as a public sector press officer but still dreaming of one day living the (slightly less well paid) dream of becoming a broadcast journalist.

You can find out more about me here or via whichever social media platform you prefer.

And that’ll have to do for introductions, I’m afraid, because unless you’ve been locked in the Duchess of Cambridge’s womb for the last nine months, you’ll have noticed there’s a General Election on and it’s pretty bloody important!